How to do Google search optimization?

How to do Google search optimization?Novice SEOer often asks questions, maybe the boss is also very concerned. Website search optimization is a job that covers analysis, statistics, creation, and data mining. Not everyone can do it well. Only those who have been engaged in this job for a long time have rich experience to improve the ranking of keywords. Free consultation will not fully understand how Google search optimization is done

Every year when talking about Google SEO trends, it is nothing more than to mention those general directions.

Such as:

1. On-page optimization, including technical SEO and high-quality content.

2. Off-page, what can be done off-site is the spread of websites and brands and the maintenance of reputation. Remember, Google values ​​the authority of a website or brand’s uthoritativeness, trustworthiness

In fact, Google search optimization is not as difficult as imagined, as long as there are enough content output and target keywords, and then do the external link, and gradually have a ranking. I recommend the white hat SEO method. Black hat SEO will only make you tired and will not achieve stable and lasting results. Careful maintenance of a site can always have a good ranking. Just like planting trees, water them every day and let them grow slowly. If it is pulled up to grow quickly when it is still a small tree, the consequence of this is that the tree is dead.

Many articles focus on the general direction of the content outside the station, inside the station, and only talk about the changes in importance. In conclusion, it is clear that nothing has changed, and these three aspects are very important. To do a good job of SEO is to constantly optimize and update every aspect, and the more you can the better. Google says that external links are not important. Now we value those external links on high-quality platforms, because having these platforms endorse your website will increase the authority and trustworthiness of your website ’s weight. But if you want the website or brand to get a quick exposure, it is more effective to publish PR articles on a third-party platform.

Rather than focusing on these macro aspects that seem to be real but not changed, on the micro level, as the Google search team continues to launch special features for its products and adjust the search engine algorithm, SEO people should dig from these changes More opportunities.

For example:

1. Rich snippet / structured data already supports five content types.

2. Google has made some standardized regulations for the robots.txt file.

3. Google no longer supports the use of noindex in robots.txt files, but Noindex works in both http headers and html. .

4. For link attributes, there has been a more comprehensive way of marking, not only nofollow.

5. WordPress backend already supports the use of Google Kit through Site Kit plug-ins, such as Search Console or Analytics. There are a lot of new developments about Google SEO. Thanks to Google for making SEO a science. The updated iteration of Google’s search engine makes SEO more and more interesting.

In order to allow novice SEO to quickly gain knowledge of website optimization, I will often update this blog to let everyone know how to do Google search optimization.


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