Google website search optimization tips

The last article introduced how to do Google website search optimization. This article will roughly introduce Google website search optimization techniques. Most companies build websites only to passively display their products to users, not to actively promote their products to users. Only a few companies will hire people who know how to optimize Google’s website search. Whether the website does search engine optimization has a huge impact on the company’s turnover, and the boss who wants to see this article should pay attention to SEO. Next, I want to introduce the basic job skills that SEO personnel must master:

1. Choose Old Domain

In the early stage of Google website optimization, you need to apply for the domain name of the website, and the Google domain name is composed of two or more words, separated by a dot in the middle. Therefore, companies cannot apply for domestic domain names when applying for domain names on Google’s website. They should apply for international domain names such as A Jiejie easy to remember domain name helps users remember and improve the ranking of Google’s website in search engines, so applying for a domain name should be as simple as possible.

2. Website basic optimization

When the user enters “baseball cards” while searching, the Google homepage will display the search results for it, and the keywords searched by the user will be bold. If the user clicks to enter this page, the name of the page will appear in the browser tab bar.

Another user searched for “rarest baseball cards”, and a more relevant web page would appear in the search results. The title exactly matched these three words.

Looking at the search engine results page, the title basically appears on the first line of each search result. If the vocabulary of the user search coincides with your title, then these keywords will be displayed in bold, which is very conducive to the user to identify whether the site is consistent with the search answer they want. Therefore, in the title of the home page, you can list the name of the website and business, or other content that contains important information: such as the geographic location of the company or your main product, which is particularly important.

3. Adaptive page

There are many contents related to user experience on the website, and SEO optimization related to website design mainly includes whether the website function is reasonable, whether the website design is practical and concise, and whether the website color meets the user’s preferences. Because Google search engine attaches great importance to user experience, search engines prefer simple and generous website design, so when building foreign websites, we should focus on users and make reasonable plans around user needs.

4. Stable website space

Google ’s website optimization space should choose a foreign host, or choose a host in the region where the target user is located, because the target visitor is not a domestic user, which can ensure that foreign users can quickly respond to websites when browsing and accessing the site. It is very helpful to improve the user experience of the website.

5. Excellent website operation

Flexible use of Google website optimization techniques. Do multiple websites at the same time and operate multiple websites at the same time. Don’t just focus on one or two websites. Google is quick to include. Although it has a sandbox effect, it is a good thing to include fast. So if you want to do more websites, you can do the operation of the station group model. The station group mentioned here is not a station group made with those garbage black hat station group tools, or a garbage station group with unlimited extension of the second-level domain name. The station group and multi-site operation that the editor said are manually built one by one. To do so, of course, first of all, you must prepare 2-3 main sites, using good templates to do, try not to copy the article to other sites, and then these 2-3 main sites must have a unique personality. It is distinguished from other sub-stations. For multiple stations and sub-stations, you can use the imitation station tool to download the entire station, and then optimize the Google website search optimization. Such a station can do more, just take a subdirectory to update the article.


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